Yuletide Flashback


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krakow1I don’t know if it comes across, but this was started around Christmas (and half a year later… BANG! here it is!). I was a bit bored with black at the time, so in the spirit of the season I decided to give some of my more flamboyant pens a chance and went for green. The place is one of those little medieval cellar restaurants that Cracow is full of. What do you think? I’m fairly pleased, I think.



Cracow Main Square


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I’m not too pleased with this one. Should’ve left it black & white and not try to be clever with the background (it actually doesn’t show here too much, due to the scan quality). Anyway: behold the Cracow main square. Supposed to be the biggest medieval square in Europe. Or something. Come and enjoy.

(No, seriously, it’s a lovely city, haha.)

(Hmm, I’m thinking the drawing would look better with the right side cut off…)


Big Picture Of A Big Tree


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IMG_8306 IMG_8303 IMG_8309Aaaah. FINALLY! This son of a mother took me over 3 months (granted, would’ve been much quicker if I could spend more than 10 minutes a day on it). A very belated Christmas/birthday present. Too bad the photo doesn’t do it justice: it’s about 100×100 cm, so a lot of details got lost. Also, it was just difficult to get it in a position where it would be evenly illuminated, plus you can still see the shadows where the paper creased because of the wash… Well, never mind. It is what it is. I’m not pleased with the background at all, but I really quite like the tree and the buildings. Now my only problem is: what to do with it if my sister doesn’t like it? Well? Any buyers?

In any case, all it means is that I will now have more time to go back to my little, reasonably sized drawings. Hurray.


Oldie No. 4


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IMG_8301That’s all the oldies for now. I kind of really like the background in this one… And it’s actually much more even than here: the weird dark shapes and lines are actually… the reflection of my head and shelves on the glass covering the picture…! (eyeroll…)

Has anyone noticed how it’s often much easier to draw human figures in non-typical positions or perspectives? I find when that’s the case my drawings tend to be much better. I think because when I see a person in a position that’s not too normal I actually make the effort to LOOK, and don’t allow my brain to sort of fill in the blanks basing on the assumptions (“of COURSE I know what a sitting person looks like, I don’t need to watch that close!”). Any thoughts?


Oldie No. 3


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IMG_8300I’ve decided to post something while I’m finishing The Thing (see previous posts). The original version of this drawing may be seen in one of my very first posts… Hey, wait, no! Just checked and I’ve never posted it! Huh. All the better, eh? Originally it was one of the sketches from the drawing sessions in Revolver (Taipei, Taiwan) – you can check that out here – but later on I added the dark background and emphasised the hands and feet with… erm… with some bad quality nail varnish that I got there (it turned out to be a little bit dry, so the lines aren’t very fluid, which is annoying…). Sorry for the horrible photo quality!


Liebster Award


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Phew! Would you look at that, I get a nomination right on my 30th birthday, isn’t it nice 🙂 Thanks, Pedro!

The award I’ve been nominated for is Liebster Award and I don’t know what you get if you win it, but I’m hoping for a cake or at least flowers or something…


And here are my answers to the questions asked:

1. Why did you start your blog?

I wanted to get some feedback on my drawings and I thought that keeping a blog is a good way of keeping my motivation despite the lack of time etc.

2. What is your main inspiration?

Hmm. Tough one. I like drawing cityscapes, quirky buildings etc. Another thing that inspires me are songs that I like.

3. Which has been your favourite post?

Erm… So hard to say… I really can’t decide! But it like all the posts about the Aventino hill in Rome, as they’re some of my most favourite drawings! 🙂

Okay, and here are my nominations, in no particular order:

http://pedroillustration.wordpress.com , http://xartpunkartx.wordpress.com , http://karengillmoreart.com/ , http://cardboardtowns.wordpress.com/ , http://beastlyworlds.wordpress.com/ , http://samanthacreedon.com/ , http://mayahum.wordpress.com/ , http://nicarnahan.com/ , http://carcrashcentral.wordpress.com/ , http://jamesalbon.com/

And my questions to them are:

1) Is art your full-time occupation and how much time do you spend on it on average (per day/week)?

2) How do you keep motivated?

3) What would you advise aspiring artists?

Still kicking…


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IMG_8290IMG_8289Yes, I’m still alive and at it (it = drawing). The only problem being that I’ve been tied up drawing this huge thing for my sister (it was supposed to be a Christmas/birthday present… oh well…). Since it’s about 15 times bigger than my usual stuff, it takes accordingly more time. But I’m slowly starting to get there. Now for the huge natural feature – The Colourful Tree! Hope you’ll all still be here when I do my huge comeback!