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IMG_8306 IMG_8303 IMG_8309Aaaah. FINALLY! This son of a mother took me over 3 months (granted, would’ve been much quicker if I could spend more than 10 minutes a day on it). A very belated Christmas/birthday present. Too bad the photo doesn’t do it justice: it’s about 100×100 cm, so a lot of details got lost. Also, it was just difficult to get it in a position where it would be evenly illuminated, plus you can still see the shadows where the paper creased because of the wash… Well, never mind. It is what it is. I’m not pleased with the background at all, but I really quite like the tree and the buildings. Now my only problem is: what to do with it if my sister doesn’t like it? Well? Any buyers?

In any case, all it means is that I will now have more time to go back to my little, reasonably sized drawings. Hurray.