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Phew! Would you look at that, I get a nomination right on my 30th birthday, isn’t it nice 🙂 Thanks, Pedro!

The award I’ve been nominated for is Liebster Award and I don’t know what you get if you win it, but I’m hoping for a cake or at least flowers or something…


And here are my answers to the questions asked:

1. Why did you start your blog?

I wanted to get some feedback on my drawings and I thought that keeping a blog is a good way of keeping my motivation despite the lack of time etc.

2. What is your main inspiration?

Hmm. Tough one. I like drawing cityscapes, quirky buildings etc. Another thing that inspires me are songs that I like.

3. Which has been your favourite post?

Erm… So hard to say… I really can’t decide! But it like all the posts about the Aventino hill in Rome, as they’re some of my most favourite drawings! 🙂

Okay, and here are my nominations, in no particular order:

http://pedroillustration.wordpress.com , http://xartpunkartx.wordpress.com , http://karengillmoreart.com/ , http://cardboardtowns.wordpress.com/ , http://beastlyworlds.wordpress.com/ , http://samanthacreedon.com/ , http://mayahum.wordpress.com/ , http://nicarnahan.com/ , http://carcrashcentral.wordpress.com/ , http://jamesalbon.com/

And my questions to them are:

1) Is art your full-time occupation and how much time do you spend on it on average (per day/week)?

2) How do you keep motivated?

3) What would you advise aspiring artists?