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trafalgar2I was sitting on the steps of Nelson’s column drawing this (this = what I saw right in front of me) and listening to some music, when I heard someone talking to me. I looked up. There was this young boy, about 9 years old, trying to get my attention. I took off my headphones – and I drowned in the flood of upper-class-under-age-politeness. “I am very sorry”, said the boy with a very posh accent and an eager look, “…very sorry to disturb you while you’re working, but would you mind us passing by to the other side?” I moved away hurriedly. “Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble. Oh, and this is a very good drawing.” Then his little sister followed. “So sorry, thank you, very nice drawing!”, she added.

I’ve got to say, it made me feel like a little puppy that got a pat on its head.

Such good manners!