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hopelesswander.Again, a little break from all the “architectural” drawings – let’s go back to music inspirations! This is my second drawing inspired by a brilliant, brilliant song by Mumford & Sons (the best band ever – and I mean it!): “The Hopeless Wanderer”. I’ve done one before, but this sketch actually came first. I think the other one has better composition (more symmetric – this one seems askew, not only because of too much hair on the right), but there are certain elements about it that I quite like. What do you think?

(Incidentally: over the last few weeks I’ve had a sudden surge of followers and now I’m only 3 followers short of 100 – thank you so much, all of you! Feel free to leave lots of comments!)

(Incidentally no. 2: I don’t suppose that you’ll be interested, but just in case you are: I’ve set up an account on Society6, so you can get prints and whatnot with my pictures. If there’s any drawing you’d like to see there, just let me know! Also – again, I’m not assuming anything, but JUST. IN. CASE – from time to time they do artist promotion, which means shipping for free, so if by any chance you do feel like ordering something, you can let me know and I’ll notify you when it comes so you can get the goodies cheaper!)