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street3And back to Rome. This drawing started on a flight of stairs off Via Veneto, which was so pretty with all the plane trees and buildings – and I was so tired after a whole day of walking with my backpack (thank goodness I only had on-board luggage with me, so at least it wasn’t big) that I just sat there to rest, surrounded by a suspiciously strong smell of urine and ending up as a pretend member of some organised tour for ages to come, since they wanted to take photos right above my head.

I’m sorry if there are any typos in this post or if it’s otherwise random in any way. I’m writing it at 8 am, before work and before my coffee, because I’m worried I won’t have a lot of time in the afternoons over the next few weeks. Sad necessities of life…!

(Oh, one more thing: it’s funny how the perspective here was almost perfectly okay till I added the pavement lines – everything got a bit weird then! I don’t really mind, though)