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skanowanieLast week I went to Rome for holiday. I had never been before and I hadn’t even felt any great need to – for some reason I was always much more interested in Florence than Rome. But due to the better flight prices I chose to go there. And I fell in love. Unlike most cities, which are only pretty in the centre, Rome is beautiful even in the far outskirts. The sense of time and history and culture creates an atmosphere that intensifies the beauty you find in almost every building. I would walk for hours until I could barely move my feet, and then I’d just sit on the pavement and draw something random (like in this drawing here – I just loved the orange of the walls). Or I would sit in a park or in a cafe and chill out. Didn’t really matter.

I was incredibly lucky in that it wasn’t quite the tourist season yet (even though the first time I accidentally glimpsed Fontana Di Trevi, I didn’t even stop because of the crowds. I came back later at 4 am in the morning and it was absolutely stunning) and the weather wasn’t as hot as everyone had warned me it would be (actually I was even occasionally cold!). Then there was the beauty of the Italian language, which I don’t speak, but I understand somewhat. It was just a huge pleasure to be able to use whatever phrases I know, asking about the way or ordering coffee.

Of course everyone knows that Italy has a lot of serious problems – but still, I feel that living in such a beautiful place, those problems would somehow seem less serious.

And my God – those ice creams…!