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gig 001Just a small pub in London. Don’t even remember the name. I was sitting with two of my long-unseen friends and next to us there was a group of older people playing some music. One lady, seeing that I was listening, came over to tell me they were a group of beginners that practice together regularly and that I’m free to join. Well, what with me being in London just for a few days, I had to decline… but instead I somehow ended up performing a Polish song for them! The second I took the guitar I suddenly felt very – VERY – tipsy and thought to myself: what the hell are you doing?! But it would have been silly to back out, so I went through with it. There were no whistles, which I count as a plus! All in all, I was very proud of myself – it was yet another thing on my to-do list that I could tick off! 🙂 One needs to challenge oneself, doesn’t one…