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placzbaw 001Some time ago I posted a drawing from the brasserie “Charlotte” at Pl. Zbawiciela in Warsaw. Directly above it is a bar called “Plan B”. In winter it’s quite a normal place, but as soon as the sun comes out, it transforms itself into an altogether different animal. Flocks of hipsters and – what was the name… Bohos? (the yuppies of all creative industries) – and basically everyone who wants to stand out gather there for drinks (admittedly and gloriously cheap). I’ve seen a man who looks like Duhrer’s doppelgänger (from his self-portraits). I’ve seen a man who looks like he’s come out straight from a Fellini movie. Compared with the general trend there, my normal pony tail looked outlandish (unless you looked at the men). I’m not at all a fan of blending in and homogenous looks, but in that place I felt like I was standing out by the sheer force of my “normal” look. A very strange place… Not unpleasant, mind you – just strange.