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panda2 001

I will be posting some pandas these days. I’m drawing quite a lot of them – not because I’m going through a special panda-phase (although they are cute), but because of a funny story. I was flying from Warsaw to London in December. Due to the weather conditions (and, as it turned out later, also the faulty construction of the landing strip or something) all the flights were delayed by about two hours and diverted to a different airport. Plus it was Ryan Air. All in all – enough excuse and opportunity for weary travellers to start talking to complete strangers. As I did. I tormented a poor and tired Brit with my incessant chatting for the whole duration of the flight. I thought he’d run away the second we touch down and then I’d become the legendary scourge of the Ryan Air flights (as if there weren’t enough already). Instead – I’m working on a panda tattoo design for him! (Yes, I know these aren’t very tattoo-y. I’m getting there. And it gives me plenty of opportunity to try out some new techniques!)

panda4 001