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wawa 001

A drawing I started in a cafe last November, while waiting for some friends. This is what I saw through the window. It’s the end of a fashionable street in Warsaw, with expensive shops and fancy bars, and it ends up with a kind of shopping centre. Kind of touristy and stuck up, but… well, could be worse. Plus it’s close.

Warsaw has yet to create its own artsy area (okay, there is one, ish, but it’s far and not necessarily safe in the evenings – too much bother!). There are some fun places popping up here and there these days, so there is potential. In any case, every time someone says that Warsaw is ugly, us locals have a great answer for that: y’know, it’s because of the WW II and the Warsaw Uprising, y’know, we fought the Nazis, we lost, so they blew everything up and we had to rebuild it from scratch, only by that time the Soviets had already come, so… But at least we fought, eh? Eh? EH?

On a serious note, though – it would be wonderful to see Warsaw as it used to be before, and it’s so sad that all of what was once a beautiful city was destroyed and then rebuilt in this horrible Soviet style…