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skanowanie0018This drawing was inspired by a song of one of my favourite bands, Mumford & Sons – I love them for the tunes, but mainly for the lyrics; they are so much deeper and evocative than in the “you left me, now I’m sad and it’s raining” or “shake your booty, baby” variety of music we get so often these days.

The song in question is “The Hopeless Wanderer” from the new album “Babel”. The chorus goes: Don’t hold a glass over the flame/Don’t let your heart grow cold/I will call you by name/I will share your road – and don’t you just love the first two lines?

There’ll be a few more drawings inspired by these boys, since they have a way of putting together very visual and striking (for me) images, so if you like this one, stay tuned!

(Incidentally: my friend has just informed me they’ll be playing a concert here in Warsaw in March! Hooray! This must be fate’s little treat for me for staying put in Poland, ha ha! I’m going to get the tickets tomorrow and let’s just hope they haven’t sold out yet! If they have, I will be very disgruntled indeed…)