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Two drawings from my travel back to Europe. The first one (the white things in the middle are clouds – the perspective’s a bit off, so they look like random swirls, ha ha!) came after a moment on the plane, where I surreptitiously opened the window screen: they were supposed to be closed, probably not to confuse other planes etc., but I just love looking out on the night sky, so I had a quick look from time to time. One time when I did that, I saw this glorious view: a shining city and above it a bright moon and stars over a layer of thin clouds. It was beautiful!IMG_8167

And the second drawing is from a small cafe at Frankfurt Hahn airport, where I waited for my Ryanair flight to Poland. Oh, I was exhausted and miserable! Here’s the overview of my whole trip: I got up about 9 after 1,5 hour’s sleep with a horrible headache, dragged myself to Taipei Central (never before had my bags seemed so heavy – one older lady even proposed to help me carry them, I must’ve looked really pitiful!), took an hour ride on a bus to the airport, realised I forgot to check which terminal I was flying from and very luckily got off at the right one, had a two-hour flight to Shanghai, then waited there for about 7 hours for the 12-hour connecting flight to Frankfurt Main and very fortunately got there on time to get on the bus from one side of the city to another (which took another 2 hours), so I could take the cheap flight to Poland from there… You can see where it’s going? I was really, really tired and everything was cold and grey, and I just wanted to be back in Taipei. I’ve been told recently it’s called Post-Holiday Syndrome. I’m glad to say, it’s slowly passing now!