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I posted two pictures I rather like on Christmas Eve and it seems like everybody was too busy to have a look at them – I’ve learned my lesson now and waited till after the New Year with posting something new, ha ha.


It’s a drawing of the inside of our local bar in Taipei. It’s called Bobwundaye – “no problem” in Taiwanese – but everyone just calls it Bob’s. Nice place run by nice people. Every Wednesday night there’s an open mic event that brings a crowd from all over Taipei. Everyone enjoys the music and occasionally goes outside to have a smoke or do a run to the nearest 7-11 for some beers (well, some of us poor cats would do that, at least – not that we felt good about it, mind you!). Sometimes after most people are gone, the musicians stay on with the owner to talk and jam and laugh. One night, I remember, there were just 3 of us left, and the boss finally said: “okay, guys, you know I love you, but it’s almost 5 am, so everyone gets a drink on the bar – and can you please, PLEASE, go home now?” My friend got behind the bar and ended up serving us whisky with Bailey’s – I know, I know, sounds very shady, but it actually tasted much nicer! You can try if you’re feeling adventurous.

I miss this place dearly. Of course there were other bars close by. Why did we consistently go to that one? Well, apart from the music and the people, the other places had names like Prozac Balcony.

(Incidentally: does it seem like I mostly post drawings of bars and write about drinking? Well, it’s just that in a bar there’s always a spare moment to do a quick sketch… and as for the drinking – okay, yes, my life in Taipei was a life of a beer-gulping hobo, but I was on holiday! That’s over now. I’m about to start a real job and be a responsible person. You’ll see!)