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Two drawings done in a Spanish restaurant called “La Caja de Musica” (The Music Box), hidden away in a tiny alley in central Taipei. It’s a great place with awesome tapas, filled with music and good people. There’s a tiny room downstairs for gigs and sometimes when there’s one, the kitchen closes really early, because Chef Luis goes up on the stage to do some of his brilliant piano playing. Most weeks there’s a flamenco night; the second drawing began as a sketch during a performance of two flamenco musicians from Sevilla. It’s really bizarre to see Asian people singing in Spanish and doing palmadas – flamenco would seem like almost the single most alien music genre when it comes to the Asian taste. And still… Goes to show music knows no borders. In between sets everyone goes outside to chat and smoke and watch the many fat cats sauntering in the little street. And sometimes after the people are gone, the owners sit down with the musicians to play some music together, and when that’s done – everyone emerges into the hot Taiwanese night to flag a cab home. Thanks, La Caja, for some great memories!

And Merry Christmas to you all, wherever you are in the world!