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This is an image I did after an amazing night at Bobwunday. Every Wednesday there’s an open mic night there. On that particular day some of us stayed on after everyone had left and my friends started jamming: guitars, cajons, singing, trumpets… There was an accidental Polish girl, who turned out to be a really great musician, in Taipei for a jazz festival; there was a friend of mine who’s a fantastic guitar player; another one who plays the violin… Myself, I just went crazy and danced the night away. It was a brilliant experience and I went home about 4 am buzzing with joy and energy, feeling like the world was beautiful – and mine.

I’m posting it tonight because I’ve just spent a great evening with a couple of old friends and ended up performing a song on a guitar in an old pub in London – it felt embarrassing, but also great, and the fact the people didn’t laugh counts as an extra point. Another thing on my list of Things To Do In Life – checked. I’m by no means a gifted musician, but I wish I was, and regardless – I think music is something that speaks to people, never mind the words and languages. It’s such an inspiring force in our lives. I feel really lucky to have met so many musically gifted people in my life and to have been able to see them perform and jam.

Am I rambling? Possibly. It’s half past midnight and we consumed about a bottle of wine each. No wonder I’m getting maudlin! But then, as the ancient Romans used to say – in vino veritas, so maudlin doesn’t necessarily mean untrue.