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Just a quick one today, since I’m preparing for a trip to London and have a mass of things to do. I think the picture’s self-evident… Have to say, when I was going there, I didn’t expect that much. I mean, it’s a… wall. Plus I was going to see it in Badaling, the most frequented place. But to my surprise it turned out to be pretty amazing, even with the crowds and the fact that you can’t really go that far. I was lucky enough to have a moment when I was actually alone. Of course there were locals climbing up to sell some nuts and snacks (and hurriedly climbing back when the guards were coming), and a whole bunch of other people, including Poles (we’re everywhere). I was also very impressed with how convenient it is to get there from Beijing (an impeccably clean train for mere 6 kuai, with great views ā€“ only the passengers made it scary as they would start running towards it the second the gates were open ā€“ and let me tell you: you don’t want to stand between a crowd of Chinese people and their non-numbered seats…).

Just realised that I forgot to give a title to my last post and also made some typos… That’s what comes out of posting in a hurry with bleary eyes. Oh, well…