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Here’s a little drawing I did while on a train in China (Guilin to Hangzhou). The landscape in the south of China is amazing, with layers and layers of mountains and strange rock formations. The green is unbelievably vibrant. On this particular moment it felt both foreign and strangely familiar, maybe because of the poplar trees.

IMG_8142IMG_8143And here are some sketches I did on the same trip of a family that was sitting in front of me. I was enchanted with them – it was an overnight train, about 20 hours, enough to get anyone tired and cranky, and yet the two little kids didn’t complain even once and sat peacefully all this time, talking and playing, with the girl taking care of her little brother and covering him with a blanket while he slept. The father too seemed very patient and loving. They would seem like an unusually nice family anywhere in the world, but especially in China they struck me as a particularly loveable little bunch (I’m sure anyone who’s had anything to do with Chinese long-distance hard-seaters would agree if they were there).