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So one day after we finished our weekly drawing session in Revolver, I was talking to one of the owners of the bar and he started leafing through my drawings. “Hey, these are cool” – he said. – “Maybe you’d like to draw something for us? Or I tell you what – why don’t you design a T-shirt image for our 2nd anniversary?” After a second of speechlessness (and let me tell you, that doesn’t often happen with me…) I naturally jumped to the occasion and sat down to it. When I got a stamp of approval and started inking the pencil design in. Of course the second I did it, I realised there is something horribly – horribly! – wrong with the lady. What a fail! I then spend a whole night browsing the web and trying to find ways to remove ink from paper – not an easy thing to do, apparently. Finally I gave up, took the finished drawing to the guy and told him about the little problem. “No, leave it, it’s great and I love it. It’s just like us: 99% okay, with 1% of weirdness!” Phew!

The design includes a dog, because there’s a bar dog called Hendrix. A naked lady because of the Monday drawing sessions. A bunch of musicians because of the live music. A “No Coldplay” sign because there is one in the bar. And the little Chinese lamps are the ones that hang next to the entrance.

Now – can you figure out what’s wrong with the naked girl?