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As I said before, Revolver was where it kind of started. And here’s how it happened. One day I ended up there on my own, just wanting to be out of the flat and with something to drink. I started doodling the picture from the first post when suddenly a girl I’d met showed up. “Are you here for the drawing?” “What drawing?” “Come on up, you’ll like it!” So up I go, to the small room for gigs and events, I open the door… And I saw a naked lady. Turns out there’s a nude model there every Monday night. How great is that? You get a wine or a beer and you get to sketch for 3 hours with a bunch of crazy, inspiring artists, both local and foreign. It became my Monday night activity for the three months that I was there and I loved it.

Who would have thought my first ever nude drawings would be done in a bar in Taiwan?*

* Before you say anything: no, there was nothing seedy about it at all. The room was closed for random onlookers and it was very professional!**

** But still crazy, and that’s what was so great about it…