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Revolver Bar in Taipei, Taiwan. Every first Thursday of the month there’s on open-mic session called “Sit Down & Shut the Fuck Up” – because you’re actually supposed to listen to the musicians (what a novel idea). Then it usually ends up in a more or less official jam session – sometimes with one of the owners taking up the drum kit, sometimes with a couple of people just randomly playing outside on the pavement. Beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful memories – a place that inspires you to do what you love doing.

I’d always liked to draw and sketch, but due to different factors for many years now it all came down to doodling in various classrooms (a very devoted student I was…). Finally last year in China I found myself with too much time on my hands and decided I might as well spend it on doing some artwork.

Then one day during my stay in Taiwan I found myself in a rubbish mood and decided to go out, just so I don’t bite off my own head. I went to Revolver – a bar my friends had introduced me to. I sat at a table and started randomly drawing the picture above… And that was where things really started spinning off from – hopefully they will spin on for a long time to come. More details later.