Milk Travel Space Cow


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There’s a website for cheap flights called Milk Travels in Poland. I just thought it was a fun idea. Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a cow in my entire life? Like really ever. Weird, huh.

Another one that’s photographed, not scanned. I think I need to go back to scanning haha…


London Folks


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london bankOkay, I should’ve made more effort with the background – but to be honest you kind of forget the details when it’s been 2 years since the original sketch… The couple talking in the foreground came out quite nice though, which was the whole point! 😀

(PS: This was in London, somewhere close to the Tower. I just stopped on the way)

Massolit Bookshop


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massolitI don’t think I’m going to draw any bookshop interiors soon – this one took such a long time simply because I felt compelled to actually fill in the book titles… So if you look closely, there are actual authors and titles there.

The place itself is one of my favourite hang-outs in Krakow: I found it years ago and I go at least once every time I’m there. Lots and lots of English books (the kind you often can’t find in other bookshops), great cakes (oh, the carrot cake, how I do miss thee!) and the inside of an old apartment. If you’re in Krakow, Poland, and like books, you HAVE to check out Massolit (at ul. Felicjanek 1, close to the old town). You’re welcome 😉




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skanowanie0001Phew, it’s been a long time. Mostly for two reasons: hell at work, doing (occasionally) 9-to-9 hours; but then luckily followed by lovely holiday in Valencia (oh, beach ball, how I miss thee!) – and also the fact that I’ve been concentrating quite a lot on trying to improve my guitar playing. All in all, I’ve been lagging behind.

Here’s a drawing of an elderly couple having their tea in a cafe in Krakow. Ink pen figures, ink background that could’ve been better.




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camelot1Well, that’s been a long break. Lot’s of things going on, work and other stuff, and most of the time there seriously was no opportunity (or energy) to draw anything. Hopefully that’s over now. And presenting to you today: another one from the Camelot Cafe in Cracow, a lovely place with great food. Do give it a try if you go there!